Joel Chapman

MASc Student


Past & Current Projects:

  • Structural Brazing (Pratt & Whitney Canada)
    Studied the effects of surface preparation on the transient liquid phase bonding of Inconel 625 & Inconel 718 using BNi-2 filler metal.
  • Powder metallurgy of Ti-2.5Al-5Fe (Automotive Partnership Canada)
    Studied the homogenization & densification of a blended elemental powder metal mixture of Ti-2.5Al-5Fe alloy. Experimental work involved using thermal analysis instruments such as differential scanning calorimetry and dilatometry.


  • B.Eng. (Materials Engineering) – Dalhousie University, 2016


  • Engineers Nova Scotia Senior Project Award, 2016
  • Dalhousie University Entrance Scholarship, 2011